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Your pet is unique

All pets are not the same so treat them as an

individual for best results

At Abbeywood we believe that all pets are individuals. Each animal has different nutritional and emotional needs. Your dog may be a staffy but is a gentle chewer so soft toys are fine for it. A jack russel may be a tenacious chewer so a suitable toy such as Kong Extreme may be required to make the toy last. One cat loves fish and another will only enjoy foods with chicken.

They are all different!

We always try to fit the correct food, toy, lead or harness to suit what is right for your little friends. If they are happy then you are happy.  

Nutrition & Health

The foods that go into our pets affect everything

about them

What we feed our pets can affect their health in many ways. Good quality foods contain non of the unpleasant ingredients that have been mentioned in the press lately. They can help to maintain a healthy weight, help to protect the joints, improve skin and coat together with a whole host of benefits to your pet.

We are always happy to discuss nutrition with you to help guide you through the process of selecting a food which is right for your pet. We are an independent specialist pet food retailer and do not have our own brand or deals with any one manufacturer so you can be assured that we will offer the best advice we can to suit your pet’s individual needs.  

The Team

Advice and support when you need it

Caroline and Craig are here to help you keep your pet happy and healthy. We keep a good selection of product ranges but if we don’t have what you want always ask as we can usually order items in specially.

If we can offer any advice, help with an item you have purchased or support if you have a poorly pet we will always do what we can. If you need any help just call in at the store, give us a call or visit us on Facebook.